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best seattle neighborhoods


Seattle, Washington, is a phenomenal place to live, expand your family, and advance your career. From gorgeous nature sights and attractions to large tech giants, amazing eats, and plenty of beautiful neighborhoods, everyone will find something to love about Seattle, WA. Learn more about seven of the best places to live in Seattle – the city with 100+ neighborhoods.

Central District

Central Distinct is a large neighborhood full of delicious restaurants, art and cultural centers, and residential properties. This area has many African American and Black histories that we see in eateries and local museums. You can also spend time in parks and beaches.

What cultural attractions and popular spots can you explore in the Central District?

● Northwest African American Museum
● Central Cinema
● Métier Brewing Company
● Wa Na Wari
● The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Studio


best places to live near seattle

Green Lake

Green Lake is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy Seattle living while having peace and quiet to unwind. Green Lake is ideal if you want a quiet and gorgeous place to raise your family without the hustle and chaos. It’s also fantastic for pet owners and nature enthusiasts.

There’s no shortage of fun outdoor activities to enjoy, including:

● Walking, hiking, and running
● Kayaking
● Paddleboarding
● Soccer

Residents are proud to call Green Lake home; with all the entertainment you could want, it’s easy to see why. You’ll also see numerous eateries and wellness facilities for yoga and dance.

Queen Anne

As one of the best places to live in Seattle, Queen Anne is a large neighborhood that combines commercial and residential properties well. It is favorable as one of Seattle’s walkable neighborhoods and has even more subdivided areas within, such as East and West Queen Anne.

Depending on which areas are within your budget, you could live in pricier apartments or single-family homes with historic elements.

Here are some fast facts to know about Queen Anne:

● Average Rent: $1,700-2,510
● Education-focused communities
● Home to many tech companies

Queen Anne also has several notable attractions like the Needle, the Seattle Children’s Museum, Pacific Science Center, and Uptown Cinema.

best area to live in seattle

University District

Young people may find the University District a delight because of the lower cost of living, an endless array of cultural food places, and shopping stores. It’s also home to the University of Washington, where you’ll see many proud Huskies. If you’re getting to your start in Seattle, what better place to take advantage of your opportunities than in the University District?

It’s easier to afford food and housing here, but keep in mind the activity increases during the academic year. Popular entertainment spots and areas are more crowded when school is in.


Who doesn’t want to wake up every day to a waterfront view? Waterfront, Seattle, is home to the first Starbucks and the Great Wheel. You can travel by ferry or walk around to see the sights.

Being on the water, fresh seafood is commonplace and something you won’t want to miss. You’ll find restaurants and seaside shops aplenty in this bustling neighborhood. Something exciting is always taking place, and you’ll never feel bored in an area that has many piers and fish to see.

South Lake Union

South Lake Union is where many workers in the technology industry live. You’ll be a short distance away from downtown without the heavy activity. Homes here are typically condos and luxury apartments but are perfect for young professionals advancing in their Seattle careers.

Although South Lake Union is slightly expensive, it does offer some attractive perks, such as:

● The Center of Wooden Boats
● Art Marble 21
● Museum of History & Industry
● Citizen Coffee
● Hardmill


Magnolia offers peace and serenity with stunning nature views and various historic family homes. Despite its large selection of attractions and beautiful properties, Magnolia remains one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Seattle. You may have to travel slightly to engage in the nightlife scene, but you’ll have access to the expansive Discovery Park – a popular walking spot.

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